what is your business time?

Our busniess time is :9:30am -7:00pm . 7days / week.

What fabrics do you have?

Our fabrics imported fabrics, domestic fabric Nanshan and Ruyi, imported fabrics are British Chanticleer fabrics, such as Harrisons of Edinburgh, H Lesser, W Bill, Smith Woolken, SCABAL, HOLLAND SHERRY. Italian fabrics are Ermenegildo Zegna, ARISTON, LORO PIANA world's top fabric.

Shirt fabrics are ALUMO, canclini etc.

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Do you accept to manufacture it? How much is the processing fees?

Yes,we do . Processing fee 2000RMB-3000RMB range, which is determined by the process.

Here are some of the customers to choose the processing of the case:

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You can modify clothes?

Currently we only modify too fat suit and length.

How long will you be customized for a suit?

General need 20-25 days, if need urgent please contact our custom Advisor description.

On custom process?

If you are the first to come to our shop, custom advisor will help you choose the most suitable fabrics and styles, then, the amount of body division amount to your body size. At the same time, they will be interested in your style and habits. Next, the custom advisor will make an appointment with your dressing time. A week later, the suit will be presented in front of you the perfect.

You retain the customer data? I've done a suit, if I want to order again, do you need to re-measure the body?

We will retain data for each customer. When your body does not change, you do not measure body again, we will give you retain all data including the fitting of the last.

Customize a suit cost?

Customize a suit prices from about 2000 to 10,000 yuan in Ding&Yang, spent 2,000 yuan more will also be able to make a suit of imported fabrics, specific price but also according to your choice of fabric.

You can be individually tailored suit jacket, trousers, vest or shirt?

No problem. We accept individually customized. Single-product prices (percentage price proportion of suits). 70% suit jacket, trousers, 30%, 25% vest, shirt costs about 300 yuan to 500 yuan.

In addition to the suit, but also what can be customized?

It can also be customized shirts, coats, windbreakers, jackets.

What is the purpose of the suit can be done?

Weddings, business, dinners, leisure suits and so can do. Meanwhile, our custom advisor or designer will be in the choice of fabrics and styles designed to provide you with the most professional advice.

After doing if inappropriate how to do?

From the production model to suit do before we will about you to shop for 1-2 times a try. If clothing is inappropriate, we will modify until you are satisfied. In addition, our surveyors measured very precisely, so very rare cases inappropriate.


In case you have not found any answers here or you have more inquiries to ask, please feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you back very soon.

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